Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Ultimate Spell Which Never Works

By the Lord of people who aren't very nice,
by the power of supreme idiocy,
by my natural (bad)luck,
akalakalapoumpoum (something very rude)
by dog spelled backward,
by the water elemental in my toilets,
and by the Lord Of The Many Homeworks (my english teacher),
I summon the most evil , the most horrible, the most ugly beast:

Only once, in a movie on the holy grail, was this spell used succesfully and only the holy hand- grenade was able to destroy the beast which it had summoned.
Do not use this spell lightly, because it never works and you'll look stupid.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

please give us a good mark

Mr Griffin, since we have worked really hard on this blog, could you give us a really good mark ( above 16 ).We beg you! We implore you! We ask you politely!
We also remind you that both of us are related to the mafia(italian to be precise).
We are sure that you share our point of view. Unless you want to be cut into little pieces and served to the sharks (poor beasts), we think that you might want a little bribe (about 100$).
You have two days.
sincerely yours
One of this blog's creators

P.S: This is a stupid joke from my blog partener.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

our support to the alca poneys

We solemnly swear, as creators of the nerdblog, a vow of peace and help towards the alca poneys if they find themselves in any problem whatsoever such as a war or anything else agaisnt the "poneylovers".
This vow, as we demand should be reciprocal.
If this vow should be broken a war would be declared against the alca poneys and an alliance proposed at the "poney-lovers".
So far this alliance is not needed so we hope that our support to the alca poneys will last!!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scottish comics

There are two very well known scottish comics: Oor Wullie and The Broons.
They were both started to be drawn in the 1950's.
Oor Wullie is the story of a wee "Bairn" that has a few pals: wee Eck(alexandre), fat Bob and Soapie Soutar. He also has two pets which are Jimmy the wee "moose"(mouse) and Harry his dog.
Oor Wullie is very well known for his bucket he sits on and his smashig hairdo (I think).
His story is the story of a child like any other in Scotland that likes to give a hard time to P.C Murdock (the village's bobbie) a with an amazing imagination.
The Broons is a family of eleven members: Gran'paw Broon, Paw Broon, Maw Broon,The Bairn,
the two twins, Horace(the nerd of the family), Joe, Hen, Maggie and Daphne.
This family is what one might call it "normal" but unfortunatly for these people this family is everything except normal by all means a bit crazy.
Those two comics are absolutly awesome and are recommended by Alexander because Wilko doesn't know it.

Warhammer (The Lord Of The Rings)

There are three types of warhammer:
  1. warhammer fantasy (or battle)
  2. warhammer Lord of the Rings
  3. warhammer 40 000

Basically, you and your oponent put together an army each and fight each other using dice and plastic or metal figurins in differents scenarios ranging from capturing objectives to simply blasting the enemy.

The simplest type is the Lord Of The Rings, and it's armies are the quickest to get together as a regular army has a range of 50 (usually gobelins) to 15 (usually full of heroes or big monsters) models. There are two groups of armies, good and evil, but in tournament you get penalties for "unthemed" armies. Themed armies are armies including troops from 1 "race"eg: Gondor, Rohan, elves, dwarves, Isengard, Harad and Mordor, or races that actually fight together in the book or the film. Unthemed army exemple: dwarves and gondor troops led by Galadriel.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Sister: noun feminin. Scientifique name: sisterus horriblus. A type of extremly dangerous creatures. Their main prey are the harmless creatures known as the brothers and their friends. Their taste in most things varie from the unspeakable, (eg: the OC, Aqua) to rather good (Greenday, Donjon de Naheulbeuk), and at least TWO specimens are known to like the AMAZING Dongeon and Dragon!!!!!!!!
There are two subspecies: the little sister and the big sister.
It is difficult to determine which type is the worst, as the preys of the big ones (the little brothers) find that the big sisters are worst and the preys of the little ones (the big brothers) maintain that the little ones are worst.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Age of Empires

Awesome strategy game with campaigns and the option of creating your own scenarios.
In the third one you can have sent by your city troops, ressources and upgrades.
In the first one, the troops were focused on the infantry, in the second one, the best troops were cavalry while the third includes canons and riflemen.
The first one was centered around the Roman, Greek and Egyptian age.
the second on the medieval age.
And finally the third one on the colonisation of America.
In the third one, the civilisations are: England, France, Netherland, Portugal, Spain,
Russia, the Ottoman empire and the Amerindians.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Dongeon and Dragons

Dongeon and Dragons/noun: An amazing role-playing game, where one person, called the Dongeon Master, or DM (not to be confused with "devoir a la maison"), make other people, the player characters, or PCs, who each have an adveturer created using dices to determine his/her abilities play an adventure in a world of heroic fantasy with their adventurer where they must battle monsters, avoid traps and solve riddles.

To say that this game is excellent, brilliant or incredible would be an understatement. I consider it the best game I have ever played, whether as PC or as DM.

Heros Of Might and Magic

This game is excellent!!!
There are currently four editions. I don't remember how the first one was (it came out something like 9 years ago), but the 2nd and 3rd edition are great!!!
My favourite, however, is the 4th, and given the time Alexander spent playing with it when I last invited him I think he agrees that it's an excellent game.
It's a turn-based strategy game, with senarios and campaigns for begginners and experts alike which I strongly recommend.